What We Do We “CARE” for the main “Maisons” of international luxury, the complete cycle of design, purchasing and production: from research to the study and production of paper patterns and prototypes up to the production (Made in Italy) of fashion show garments and pret a porter for the lines Men’s, Women’s and Children’s 0-16.

Understand deeply and effectively client’s needs and vision


Suggest solutions and propose experimental and innovative materials and ideas


Take care of every phase of the product development down to the smallest details

We have an extraordinary strategic plan.

Doing things Well with a Smile.


Who we are We want to be producers of ideas and custodians of beauty, we strongly believe in Italian manufacturing in the design sector and we want to focus our resources and investments in companies with a strong creative and artisanal content, creating a network of research, experimentation and service.
The inspiring company
This means that IPS is a firm that through research, experimentation, innovation and strong collaboration with schools, laboratories and small artisans can inspire and stimulate product  managers, designers, merchandiser to find the proper techniques, new proposals and innovative solutions.
Visionary and Excellence
The base of the our strenght and key of our business model are values like visionary, proactiveness, obsession for excellence, reliability and warm approach focused on concrete needs of our clients and their insight.

We are looking at our own system and how that effects the ones that
sourround it and the one that it engages in. Working to reduce any effects on
the environment


Employees, collaborators, suppliers, people who use our products, are our
fondamental resource. Listen to them, share knowledge with them and work
well with them is the heart of our projects

Our Figures

Although no number can grasp the spirit of a company, some figures define its path and character.




Staff dedicated to research and development


Collections per year


Sample items made per year


Styles in archive


Growth rate
2019 vs 2018

Investment in research and service with an Open Innovation approach, a goal of minimal environmental impact, efficiency and short management of all processes are the guidelines for future objectives