We “CARE” for the main “Maisons” of international luxury, the complete cycle of design, purchasing and production: from research to the study and production of paper patterns and prototypes up to the production (Made in Italy) of fashion show garments and pret a porter for the lines Men’s, Women’s and Children’s 0-16. 



Research & development, prototyping and coordination of each phase in line with the client’s insight are the heart of the company where we design the difference.



Product department: a team of dedicated people who constantly listen and cares for the client, coordinating all the phases: materials research, design, model development, prototype construction and testing.


Material research and processing department: an integral part of the service offered to our clients in partnership with suppliers, artisans, laboratories and young students; continuous experiments are carried out to actively offer customers the best and most recent results in terms of materials and new research in finishing and construction of garments’ areas.


Development and modeling department: an internal team of 30 professionals specialized in the various product categories for men’s and women’s, child (0-16) lines.

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Prototype department: more than 40 artisans, in the prototyping department, able to completely make any type of garment with the most varied types of materials; attention to detail, sartorial care and dialogue (continuous feedback) between modeling and tailoring are points of excellence for the company.


The Creation of  a prototype of very high quality during the development, allows us to test ideas, make corrections, discover new solutions; to achieve a degree of innovation and quality that would otherwise be impossible and lay the foundations for an efficient industrialization and production with the maximum precision.



A team, dedicated to optimizing resources in the most efficient way, coordinates the flow of internal and external processes and materials based on product specifications, defines supplies and purchase plans and lots and converts orders into a MAIN PRODUCTION PLAN and implements the MRP and the timing of production activities.


Quality is an activity that arises from the development of the product and its industrialization; it is expressed in a logic of advance through partner selection, monitoring and material testing. An ever greater refinement of the dialogue, an organic debriefing and the strategic centrality of the direct cutting/preparation phase, make the quality transversal and widespread to all the phases preceding the production allowing a reduction of the non-conformity to minimum.


All suppliers and laboratories are directly monitored and in relationship with IPS both in terms of structure, personnel, production progress (on planned timing), direct or indirect problems, possible proposals and suggestions. Each laboratory has its own specific contact person in a continuous exchange of information utilizing a structured progress system.


Advice and support for the elaboration of the sketches


Search for all kinds of materials


Research craftmanship and embellishment (embroidery, laser, printing, etc.)


Historical archive with models for over a quarter of a century


Semi-finished item processing


Ad hoc treatments and processes based on the type of fabric


Management of screen and digital prints, lasers, embroidery and patches


Development of Prototypes


Development of Samples


Production (made in Italy)


Shipping to the stores and logistics of the customer brands

Thus, the task is not so much to see what no one yet has seen, but to think what nobody yet has thought about that which everybody sees.

Arthur Schopenhauer